A smorgasbord usually contains an array of items rather than extensively concentrating on any one thing. Similarly, Smorgas-bored provides a wide spread focus instead of centering in one place. Expertise is, in fact, attainable through intense focus on one topic. "If you want to strike water, you don't dig six one-foot wells. You dig one six-foot well." However, any subject beyond that single topic may leave the expert floundering. I don't claim expertise in any one topic but I do claim, at least, interest in many. ALSO, boredom, to me, doesn't always imply a negative. Boredom often provides fertile ground for creativity. So a wandering mind and boredom should be enticed and encouraged. Then, only after exhaustion of patience should it be evaded, maybe with some help here.  

Jason Decent curates this website and hopefully it provides something useful for others.