Smor stuff

Certain, ok a lot of, things evoke, in a pavlovian way, fond reminiscing.  Many of these things went unremembered. Until of course I remembered them. I enjoy when something strikes a nostalgic chord. You and I probably have different chords, because that's how nostalgia works, but they may sometimes overlap. These are just a few of my chords.

Duck Tales Open:

Darkwing Duck open:

Tale Spin open:

Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers open:

Alvin and the Chipmunks Opening:

Snorks Opening (bonus of the channel's intro):

Captain Planet theme:

David the Gnome Opening. The most melancholy opening I can recall:

Mighty Max Opening:

ThunderCats Opening:

Goof Troop Opening:

Bravestar Opening

C.O.P.S. Opening

Bobby's World Opening:

Gummi Bears Theme:

Inspector Gadget Theme:

GI Joe Theme (One of many):

X-Men cartoon theme:

Spiderman cartoon opening:

Batman the Animated Series theme:

Saved by the Bell:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story. Apparently the show had a different name in Great Britain. I was unaware until I saw this, but it's mostly the same otherwise:

Family Matters Opening:

Muppet Babies Intro:

Fraggle Rock opening:

Tiny Toon Adventures open:

Animaniacs Intro:

Dino Riders extensive compilation:

Zoobilee Zoo opening:

Fresh Prince of Belair (Longer version of opening song):

Growing Pains

Step-by-step opening:

Boy Meets World

Magnum P.I.

Quantum Leap