Freedom Friday 5/6/16

I was entirely unaware of this up until I was aware. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Yes. I’m pretty sure it does. It creates waves that we are capable of detecting. And if we can’t hear it does it still make the waves? Probably yes. We obviously can't be absolutely sure of anything unless we witness it first hand but we can look at the evidence. Every falling tree always creates audible waves because physics. 

And just like I am pretty sure that a tree that I don’t necessarily hear makes a sound when it falls, I am also pretty sure that Patton Oswalt feels loss and pain. Just because I was unaware doesn’t change his experience of events. It doesn’t mean he was any more or less sad. With the same reasoning, historical events were real things that happened to real people like you and me.

And now I am aware. Now I can witness and can pass along the news. Side note, his devastation after loss of a life is obvious. I’m making somewhat of a jump, but I think that most people’s lives are fairly equivalent, at least they have similar potential. So, the loss of Patton Oswalt’s wife equates to the loss of life for anyone. Deaths that occur endlessly leave “craters” in lives.

Ehh. But that’s all very heavy stuff and I don’t want to weigh you down too much heading into the weekend. As R. Kelly profoundly sang out, “it’s the freakin weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun.” On that note:


A horse walks up to a bar. The bartender asks, “Why the long face?”