More than a Game 7/18/17

It seems fitting to discuss this on a day not normally designated for this topic. It's because this topic supersedes compartmentalization. It applies to everyone from the Red Keep to the Wall. This theory posits that the larger narrative of Game of Thrones is really an allegory for climate change. And I have to say it’s a fairly good theory. I also have to say, it doesn’t really matter what the show-runners or the author conceived when imagining it, because it still applies. It still disects the dichotomy between the strategy and politicking necessary on one front, all the while, on a different front, an all-encompassing larger threat looms. A threat that threatens every land and every kingdom alike, from Dorn to King’s Landing. 

“Vox” distributed this video that details the idea. Watching the video persuaded me. It’s short. If you watch Game of Thrones you might want to watch this video too. And, since the overall point is an all-encompassing threat, even if you don't watch Game of Thrones you should probably still consider what this video posits.