Some food for thought 1/15/18

I guess this can somehow be connected to food and Taco Tuesday because it features Eddie Huang and Eddie Huang is a restauranteur. So "food" is kinda involved, I guess. But, more directly this involves feeding the mind! Ahha. 

Since this is a place for me to extricate some subjects that I've been ruminating on or concerned with, here is one. This is a podcast known as the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). Yes, the Fear Factor and News Radio and UFC guy. That guy. But he's also a stand-up and hosts a podcast. He's generally pretty inquisitive and fairly open minded. He hosts a variety of guests and discusses a variety of topics. There's an audio feed but the podcast is shown through video on YouTube too if you want to see it instead, and sometimes it's worth seeing (though not really necessary for this one). I'll discuss helpful tips, like listening or watching on a higher speed, at some later point.

The topic of this particular podcast however, featuring Eddie Huang and an acquaintance from the FCC, Jessica Rosenworcel, is mostly Net Neutrality. It's a good basic primer on the situation and all that surrounds it. In case you would benefit from a primer(as most of us would), here you are: