A Couple more thoughts this Wednesday

In Episode 2 of "Couple Thinkers," (I previously introduced Episode 1) Craig and Megan interview acclaimed astrophysicist, author, host, planetarium director, science communicator, and curious dude, Neil deGrasse-Tyson. Mr. deGrasse-Tyson, my bud Neil, discusses many big picture issues - since space and human existence are fairly big picture issues. Craig summarizes why astrophysics and philosophy are so engaging and then become depressing. Then, my BFF, Neil advocates how changing perspective might enable changing the entire experience of living. Just a couple things to think about.

Couple your thinking this Wednesday

I don't know if you know who Craig Ferguson is? I actually don't know what you know at all. You may remember Ferguson as the boss on the Drew Carey Show. He's Scottish in origin but now he's an American citizen. He's a stand-up comic. He hosted the Late Late Show after David Letterman's Late Show on CBS for a number of years. Being sober is a definitive factor in his person. On the Late Late Show he shared the stage with a gay skeleton robot and a costumed horse in a faux stall. For awhile he used hand puppets during his monologue and he would often purposely jostle the main camera. Yeah, it was a weird show, but I think that his irreverence, amplified by the awareness that sobriety afforded him, contributed to his likability. He frequently tore-up the pre-show questionnaire at the desk when interviewing a guest, preferring instead to instigate a more genuine interaction.

An escalation of his popularity with me came after Britney Spears very publicly shaved her head. Most late night hosts were quick to mock, but Craig Ferguson responded differently. Understanding the burdens of fame and life and a chaotic youth, Craig Ferguson responded with compassion. I had enjoyed him before but that made me a fan. 

Ferguson left the Late Late Show around the time David Letterman departed Letterman's own earlier late show. Ferguson went on to host the syndicated game show, Celebrity Name Game. Ok, even if you don't really know anything about Craig Ferguson I guess that I kinda, sorta, do. BUT...I've never seen him in-person nor have I read either of his books. I don't go out of my way to see him generally, I'm not a fanatic. I just enjoy him. I'm a strong admirer.

Recently, on YouTube, for Gant (a clothing retailer I had before been unaware of but now am because of this), Ferguson returned to his Late Late Show roots by interviewing some interesting people for a show starring he and his wife called "Couple Thinkers." He's a natural at interviews it seems. 

In the first episode (of 6) the Fergusons speak to Kimbal Musk. Kimbal is the brother of Elon (Elon Musk is the Tesla and Space X and hyper loop etc guy). I didn't know that Elon even had a brother, but then I'm not very up to date on Musk family genealogy. This familial revelation was even more surprising to me than when I learned that Skip and Rick Bayless are brothers. (WHAT!?) While Elon seems to focus on technological, species sustainability and advancement, Kimbal Musk focuses his efforts on the agriculture. So, in essence, they are both in the business of keeping things going for humanity.

Craig Ferguson and his wife, appropriately as two humans belonging to humanity, highlighted Kimbal's work in Episode 1 of "Couple Thinkers:"