Theatre Thursday 4/14/16

Theatre Thursday 4/14/16

April 14, 2016 in Theatre Thursday

Sometimes escalated hopes for some product ends up biting you because it increases expectations and, then, when that thing fails to meet those expectations, your disappointment actually increases. The problem is that I enjoy a little speculation and hopefully contemplate the future. So I often can’t help it, or, maybe more specifically, choose not to help speculating thereby increasing expectations with things that draw my interest.

When the film Suicide Squad was announced I didn’t really have much interest or excitement for it. Like Deadpool, I had no prior attachment to the material so nothing to connect me or draw me in. That means that my interest completely relied, and relies, upon the marketing and advertising. Deadpool had one of the best marketing campaigns ever. It went from a film about something I had never heard of and didn’t care about to something I saw in the theatre. I rarely go to the theatre so that marketing campaign succeeded in turning my nothing into something. That’s really what a good marketing campaign should do.

I try to watch some Collider Videos about movies on Youtube when I can. The people who appear on there were swayed to strong support by Deadpool's marketing output. The Collider crew's emphatically positive interpretation translated to me and my own expectations for the film. Eventually it equaled me seeing the film and dragging my wife along.

Now, Suicide Squad’s marketing isn’t to the Deadpool level at all (although nothing ever has been), but it’s still pretty good. The extent is really two very well done trailers that have greatly increased my interest in seeing the movie. It went from something I had never heard of to something I will probably go to the theatre to see. Sound familiar? My expectations continue to grow as the movie’s release approaches. Hopefully my now loftier expectations will not be disappointed. Check out the latest output for Suicide Squad below: