9/19/17 Taco (or whatever you want really if you look here) Tuesday

I live in L.A. I eat food. I'm literate. Check, check, checkmate. 

To call this article a handy resource understates it. It's a vital resource. It's an unbelievable resource. It's possibly the ultimate resource in all of human history (OK, now maybe I'm overstating it, but it's very very useful).

I would already suggest (in fact I have) using Eater.com to everyone (if you care about where to eat and what to eat and such, that is).


I do happen to care about those things so I find content like this exceptionally helpful. Of course one can, and should, explore beyond what is mentioned, but often it is necessary and useful to default to some default. And, if you're like me, which I am, this article provides some excellent defaults. So it may benefit you, i.e. me, to internalize this information, or at least some of it. Especially if you also live in L.A., check out this article. If you don't also live in L.A., and never come, but you're still interested in the L.A. food scene, here is the article as well. Or, if you're me..., well I already know about the article, but,... in a meta, multi-layered way, here is the article again me.