Freedom Friday 5/13/16 (It's Friday the 13th Woo ooo)

I remember watching the movie “Independence Day” over and over when it came out. The year? I don’t know. Awhile ago? Oh, they call it the War of 1996 so I would venture a guess of around 1996. Yup, and it’s the 20 year anniversary (!) so, again 1996 makes sense. The movie was the type of big, meaningless, summer blockbuster that doesn’t exist much anymore (or maybe it does and I don’t see them). It was fun filled, entertaining, and action packed. Also, it contained one of the most inspirational motivational speeches ever, the Independence Day speech, given by Bill Pullman playing the President. I had fun watching and my expectations didn't extend beyond that because most childhood expectations never do. 

But now, a new film is coming out which raises kind of a valid question. What would the world look like in the aftermath of events like those portrayed in the original “Independence Day?” I don’t know. I must say that I never really considered it, but I’m interested to see the film’s take on the subject. Hopefully it’s just as fun filled, entertaining, and action packed as the, now 20 year old (?), 1996 film was. Hopefully I enjoy watching this as much, or close to as much as the original.

Sadly I doubt I will. But, one can hope. I can hope to suspend my now grown-up-disbelief (twenty years later!). In turn, I can also hope that the film meets me halfway, providing something worthy of that suspension of disbelief. That’s actually a lot to ask. Something that can return me to a time with fewer cares. A time with fewer burdens. A brief resurgence of the bliss of ignorance? For me, that's the resurgence being sold here. I'm skeptical but we'll see.