Musical Monday 5/16/16

By habit, either the car or house radio almost always reflexively gets tuned to KCRW. KCRW is the local NPR station. 89.9 FM locally. On Weekdays, in the early morning, KCRW plays news. Mid-morning to noon is a popular music show called “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” MBE provides a variable and veritable smorgasbord of musical output that keeps listeners on the cusp of the new while continuing to also steep them in the previously admired. From noon to night lots of different talk shows air to explore the various viewpoints and elements of life in LA and beyond. Then the rest of the evening is more music. 

Weekends host so many great shows that some have become a part of the fabric of existence. “Good FoodThis American LifeThe Moth…” There are just so many and they’re always so good. It’s like me but better, if that even seems possible? Weekend afternoons and evenings have more music. KCRW basically provides the means to live an examined life in L.A. 

KCRW also provides an all music online channel, “Eclectic 24,” that blends the various djs’ tastes into one continuous stream. Just incase you desire an unending flow of tunes to make you appear cool or to extend your already existing cool - however you choose to couch it. Perfect background for a dinner party or most other things life involves.

I enjoy KCRW tremendously because actively listening to it signals involvement in the community. It signals that you intend to continue operating life in the specific environment. KCRW plays a significant role in LA’s environment.