Freedom Friday 4/8/16

Freedom Friday 4/8/16

April 08, 2016 in Freedom Friday

Life involves sucky things. Most people try to avoid them as much as possible, but as far as I can tell, no real way exists to completely avoid all the bad stuff.

With that in mind, competitions often result in your side losing. It’s unavoidable. But, due to the way competition works, it’s not absolutely guaranteed. Each team starts with zero points and nothing demands that one team scores more points than the other. Because the outcome is not pre-determined a comprehensive statement regarding the possible outcome cannot accurately be made. 

After losing, friends, family, fans, and other cohorts console by placating, “well, you can’t win them all.” LIES! You can! You can literally win every single competition you take part in. That's how competitions work!

When you lose, others try to make you feel better. In order to accomplish that they try to make losing seem inevitable. You shouldn’t feel as bad because you had no ability to determine the outcome. 

Truth is, losing just stinks. It’s an almost guaranteed part of life and we all are in the process of living life. Telling you that you, “can’t win them all,” intends on protecting your fragile ego but it does so by denying your humanity. It tells you while you’re already upset from losing that, by the way, you’re also not capable of determining your own life. 

The impetus for the statement is kindness. Of course those saying it mean well, but the implication of that statement is predestination. It insults your humanity by presuming the inevitability of sucky. Losing means you're human. Losing is real. If you like being human you should probably like to lose too.