Taco Tuesday 4/4/17

Some people are engaging. They just have “it.” “It,” in this case, being the thing that makes a person shine in front of the camera. For me, Mario Batali has “it.” He could make me interested in shoe leather or tree bark. It just so happens that he is also a magnificent cook and business owner. He operates a multitude of restaurants (mostly in New York but also assists with a favorite in LA) and “Eatalys" (food markets). He travels between them, motivated by functionality, on his scooter in his crocs. He was an original American Iron Chef and a longtime fixture on the Food Network. In the mornings his children, while growing up, would receive a menu of breakfast options and get to choose which meal they wanted their renowned chef/father to prepare for them! It’s like the omelet station at a buffet except better and always. Now he can often be seen on the Chew, daily on ABC.

But that’s not my focus. ABC is too pervasive for me. Did you hear about this thing called network TV? Come on. No, I get my occasional Batali fix these days online watching episodes of “Moltissimo,” on Vice Munchies. With varying guests he dives into their backstory’s whilst preparing them a fantastic meal that he generally pairs with a fantastic wine. The viewer gets to eavesdrop on the entire event and we all win. Moltissimo bene.