Theatre Thursday 5/19/16

“You should watch ____. It’s great. You would love it.” I often hear this about a tv show. They are known and popular because people continue watching them and because they are great and because they do love them. But there’s only so much time in the day and there's just too much great stuff to watch. It would require more than an actual full time job’s worth of time dedicated to watching to watch everything “great.” 

But, here’s the thing. See there’s this show, Mr. Robot, and it’s great. You would probably love it. If you have a chance you should watch it. It airs on USA during the summer time. It’s purposely inspired by a particular movie from my teen years (I don’t want to say which because I feel it might reveal too much, and I put your well-being at a premium).

The show deals with a lot of seemingly very relevant issues in the current world like technology and democracy and corporate culture and mental illness and terrorism etc. Basically it’s very relevant. You would love it. It’s great. You should watch it. In preparation for your already guaranteed interest here’s the season two trailer and also an interview with the show’s creator and show runner, Sam Esmail. But because you’re made of time you should probably watch the first season before listening or watching, otherwise you’ll know what movie it resembles (which is somewhat obvious in the watching of the actual show as well so you'll probably figure it out anyway).

(Updated: August 2017 Link to video no longer works but at least now it won't spoil it!)

So, with that important information provided, I will also inform of a hiatus for me from updating this particular blog for awhile. I may do a separate blog for a period of time dedicated to more personal things (we shall see) under this same domain (because I already have this domain). Stay tuned!