Freedom Friday 4/15/16

This section for weeks and weeks, at least two, was named philosophy Friday. But, I found even that loose framework too constricting. I now say to forget it. That's beyond my attention for Friday. Henceforth, I’m changing the framework, as is my prerogative. Now, here I will be calling Fridays, Freedom Friday. (Not similar or connected in any way to freedom fries which was a stupid thing for a while.) I could still sometimes discuss some sort of philosophical quarries on Friday but now, if I don’t feel like it, I don't have to, because it’s Freedom Friday. Just like on Wednesdays, this new framework allows for a little more freedom. Forgot the framework because Friday is now Freedom Friday.

Haaa. Exhale. Ooooh. Are you tense? Probably. I know. I know. It’s easy for life to beat you down and run you ragged. To overwhelm you. To make you feel like you're drowning. Like you're always walking through an endless, rainy, film-noir alley. It's dark and shadowy. Uncomfortable and infrequent wind gusts. Maybe a little wet with sporadic puddles. Luckily an antidote to the relentless pelting of the world exists in the form of cuteness. It’s hard to be daunted by too much when there's this:

Cuteness! The cure all for despair. And the embodiment of cuteness also arrives here: