Theatre Thursday 5/5/16 (Cinco de Mayo!!!)

A parade on TV. (snore) Fireworks! (woohoo) Ha, now you’re off balance. So I’m going to suggest something in between. A book. Hopefully my recommendation moves it more towards fireworks, unless you’re a dog. Dogs don’t generally like fireworks. So if you’re a dog, then not like fireworks, like a treat. But if you’re a dog how can you read? Woof, woof. Bark. Woof. Ok, sorry. Back to the book. See you’re already pining for a book recommendation.

Everyone and anyone, you, should read “Ready Player One.” It's not some brick of esoteric literature. It is page turning fun. While everyone should, you especially should if you like 80’s pop-culture or early video games or future philosophy.

And now, because others felt the same way, a movie is being made from the book. When I read the book I could easily picture it theatrically. And guess who is directing that movie? Ok, I’ll tell you, it’s Steven Spielberg. Yes, Steven MF’n Spielberg (I doubt that’s actually his middle name, I just wanted to emphasize him cause he’s awesome). Steven Spielberg is signed on to direct with a host of interesting actors.

I might be getting overly excited but that’s just because it’s exciting. This has all the makings of an epic classic. In Spielbergian vernacular maybe ET meets Minority Report? With an 80s pop-culture flare and great actors? I’m down. While “Bridge of Spies” played well to 70 and 80 year olds hopefully this aims to capture a younger demographic. I'm ready.