Theatre Thursday 5/12/16

Before Brie Larson won the Oscar for Best Actress in “Room,” she still acted. It wasn’t a sudden impulse and then, boom - academy award. That would be pretty cool (about as cool as Daisy Ridley's first studio film being "The Force Awakens" which is true)! 

I don’t know her entire filmography like some IMDb stalking weirdo. But I do know that Brie Larson appeared in the film, “Short Term 12,” before she won the Oscar. 

I saw that film on Netflix a few years ago and remember thinking, ‘ooh, that was pretty good.’ Since she took home her Oscar I’ve revisited the film, specifically observing Larson's performance. Over time my like of the film grew. She may have provided an even better performance in “Short Term 12” than she did in “Room.” It was relatable and touching. Of course neither situation was particularly relatable on a broad scale (at least for me) but, on a human one, both were. Still, I think I enjoyed “Short Term 12” a little more. 

So, if the task to hand out acting awards fell to me, well if it fell to me I’ld probably give some others and everything might be a little different…, but if the task of handing out acting awards fell to me I would exchange Brie Larson's. She'd get it for “Short Term 12” instead of “Room.”

short term 12 movie poster