7/29/17 I'm Ready

I've been anticipating this for awhile - and obviously this site has been around for awhile if I can reference previous posts to this blog. But finally, FINALLY, there is a trailer for "Ready Player One." And it looks great. That doesn't speak to the quality of the plot or the acting or anything else, but the look of it, which is what interested me on a base level, is great, I think.

The film is bound to divide. All films and all properties based around books are bound to divide. That's ok (I think). People always have different opinions about everything. It's why we live in such a varied world. But, I think differing opinions are ok because the book already exists. The movie, any movie, cannot remove that book from existence. The book and the movie may appeal to different crowds. Hopefully for the crowd that gravitates toward the book, the movie entices more people to read the book.

I don't remember the details and the ins and outs of the book anyway. I roughly remember a fun overall story. I plan on using that vague familiarity to further my enjoyment. If an event happens in the film that didn't in the book, that's ok with me because I understand that the book and the movie have to appeal to different audiences and also, like I said, I don't remember exactly what happened in the book. As long as it's a quality film, I'll enjoy it. And, so far, it looks like a quality film.

Speaking on a more logistical level, the film had to move from it's original release date this December to March 30, 2018. That stinks, ahhhh! But, it moved for Star Wars, The Last Jedi. I guess that's ok. I mean, I would have watched them both in December but I understand that they want to make more money and appeal to more people and blah blah blah. Fine. I'll wait anxiously a little longer.