Musical Monday 4/25/16

Even now, after death, Prince continues to be prolific, kinda. His influence still spreads across many aspects of life.

I didn’t see it but, apparently SNL issued a retrospective of Prince performances. Jimmy Fallon hosted and also offered a recap of Prince’s performance at the 40th anniversary of SNL afterparty. I am not completely familiar with all of Prince’s extensive catalogue, but this one performance (like his Superbowl halftime show provides a good idea of the concept of him for those searching for a more complete encapsulation. A video of the after show performance exists and it’s legitimately cool. I loved seeing a bunch of popular people at the celebration jam along to Prince as he sings.

On top of that, Bruce Springsteen, someone I am more familiar with most of the work (but definitely not all), opened a recent show with Purple Rain. And, still, in Jenga fashion the tributes stack higher, at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) there’s a exhibit called the “rain room.” In the “Rain Room” I guess you stand in the center and it rains around you but not on you. From all reports it looks pretty cool. 

After the surprising revelation of Prince’s death, the “rain room” rained down purple colored rain in Prince’s honor. 

While it doesn’t cleanse the sorrow from those missing Prince’s presence, the tributes serve as a touching reminder of Prince’s wide influence.