Taco Tuesday 5/10/16

L.A. represents its own unique place, mostly because it’s its own unique place. A culture all it’s own. One way this manifests is in the food. 

Both the larger culture and the food culture developed into things that I really appreciate. So was I drawn to L.A. or did L.A. lure me in? (Well I can’t really say I had much choice in the matter so I wouldn’t say that L.A. lured me in. But I also doubt that the second largest city in the country changed to conform to my unannounced preferences. More than likely a symbiotic evolution occurred that benefited us both.) 

Food and culture usually evolve hand in hand, like two lovers merrily strolling down a boardwalk. L.A.’s developed its own way of dinning just as it’s developed its own personality as a place. The specific dinning culture isn’t one I necessarily knew of until I read this article but it is one I whole heartedly approve of (because I am the definitive mark of excellence in anything. There are James Beard awards, Oscars, Grammys, Tonys… me.) 

While I’ve never been to a fantastical restaurant-ish home prepared meal, I have eaten really good food prepared by others, medium-small house parties are quite common, and I enjoy and appreciate good food and good people. So, I’m capable of mentally combining the elements. Also, the article refers to a “smorgasbord” which, in addition to applying to this website as well as the specific food, applies generally to L.A. 

Maybe I don’t possess enough of the requisite knowledge currency the article points to, but I do possess enough awareness of the place to agree with the changed tune of even “notorious haters” of L.A. in raving that it presents some great dinning options. Great dinning options because the place houses great people (for example: me!) who might choose to make you some of their great food.