Musical Monday 3/19/17


A mist often makes something difficult to decipher. What is happening? Who? How? I can't tell. I recall playing the computer game, “Myst,” growing up. It stands out to me only in that it was entirely indecipherable. When I think of the 6th grade that is one of the many reasons I recall utter confusion.  Additionally, the word, “mist” relates to mystical. And I always connect the term, “mystical,” to the comic book character, “Dr. Strange.” I do so even though I haven’t read the comic, haven’t seen the movie (YET), and don’t know very much about that unique physician. I guess good movie marketing Marvel? So, to me, “mist” equates to “strange” and “indecipherable.” That’s why I think Father John Misty is such an appropriate name. 

Father John Misty is the pen name I guess, or stage name, of Joshua Tillman. Among other things he played in one of my favorite bands, Fleet Foxes.  I don’t really know much about him or who he is or anything. From bits and pieces I gather he just seems intent on being him. He is a singer that to me sounds a bit like Elton John, but then not. He’s like the modern day Sir Elton with out the piano. He sings a variety of songs that only seem to contain him as the common denominator. At least that was the case. Recently he released 3 songs from his latest album all named, “Generic Pop Song.” They are differentiated only by the track number. So, besides the singer, they all also have the titles as a common denominator. Maybe he intends on the titles serving as some sort of social commentary? Maybe he has no real intention with them at all? It’s a bit “misty” to me. But, I’m the one who makes my own determinations and, in the end, I determine that I like it.