Pale blue dot!

Last Thursday I underwent another MRI. My Dr. called later that day to give me the verbal thumbs up. Just a little indication so that I wouldn't need to wait for entire weekend before definitive information from him at my appointment on Monday.

It's a long story as to why, but basically due to newer policies in the imaging department and my own unique specificities, I can only have MRIs with an anesthesiologist present to observe, ready to swoop into action if necessary. Those MRIs only happen on Thursdays. Since my Dr. doesn't have appointments on Thursdays or Fridays I have to wait until Monday to have the image and his assessment combo.

It's easy to lose track of amidst the minutiae of things, but it's kind of incredible that a big, loud, weird machine can capture images of my brain. (!)(?) Then a doctor can use those images to assess and diagnose a patient! My surgeon could use those images as a road map for surgery! Surgery in my head! Someone knows how to do that! I keep using exclamation marks because I really think it's worthy of exclaim.

A potential reaction to this Cancer (or any Cancer for anyone ever) could be an overall depression and subsequent malaise. But they can take pictures of my Brain to look at! That's very cool stuff. I take chemotherapy PILLS! That's insane. They are pills instead of an IV drip. I take them 5 days in a row a month. Then I go to bed so that they don't cause me too much trouble. I take other pills daily that perform some sort of molecular kung-fu to make my body aware of Cancer cells so my immune system can see and attack them. It's more than incredible that these treatments currently exist.

Oh, did I mention that for surgery, my head was opened, most of the bad stuff removed, then they sewed me back up! And the giant cut in my head healed up! And they thought it would! Because they're good and well practiced at Brain surgery! That's kind of incredible. Actually that's a lot incredible.

ALSO, we were all born! So there's that. We weren't here, then we were. All this stuff happened and then, poof, you're here (ok, that's shortchanging it a bit). You're you. You're now and you're reading this. You're on this little rock thats spinning around in the Universe. The whole giant Universe! Ahhhh!

Ok, now zoomed way back in, last Thursday an MRI took pictures of my Brain. No major changes so the results were good. My next round of chemo pills starts Monday, 12/12. My next MRI happens in about two months. I don't know the date yet but most likely on a Thursday.