New stuff 6/10/16

I found out a bunch of information earlier in the week, but I thought the week-end(ish) provided a more appropriate time for an update, so, here’s an update:

I start my chemo (Temodar pills) on Wednesday, June, 15th. I’m in the final spot in the clinical trial (at least as it was when I joined, I haven’t kept track of it since so I dunno if they added more slots - cause it doesn't matter!). Taking part in the clinical trial does not change any of my treatment otherwise, it only adds to it. It’s in the second phase which means that every participant receives the drugs, no randomized placebos. And, they've had success with the drug - helping it progress to this phase, a phase also justifying the extreme investment in creation of the drug. Who created the drug? I forget. But next time I see someone who knows maybe I’ll ask, if I remember. Subjects generally tolerate it well, and last time I tolerated the chemo pills well enough, so I hope to tolerate this well too.

So…I take chemo pills 5 days a month, the first time starting on June 15. I will take those on an empty stomach, at night, before bed, so I hopefully sleep through any possible yucky feelings I might have. Those same five days I take something called Zofran, 30 mins before the chemo. I also take Zofran on an empty stomach to hopefully help with any of those possible yucky feelings. And also, on those same five days I take the clinical trial drug twice, again on an empty stomach. In the morning when I wake up and an hour before dinner. Don’t worry, I will get plenty to eat while on chemo, I just need to time it really well on those five days.

Radiation starts on the 15th day of treatment. The first day of treatment is June, 15th. 15 + 15 = 30 (I think, right?). So I should start radiation around the 30th of June. I do know it’s only a short burst. Five days or so I think. They could do it every day, they could do it every other. They usually don’t go over the weekend for longer term radiation like I had last time, but they could this time. That’s something for the radiologist the determine and I will follow the plan of the radiologist when he does. I know it should start around the 30th and it may last around five sessions, but that’s all I know so far. They normally don't radiate the same area a second time but, according to them it's been a long time in brain cancer years (not IRL according to me but...)  and the area in need is super small and they can really focus tightly and etc. It's a small burst and they say it's okay so I say it's okay.

That’s some of the plan going forward. I'm happy that a plan finally exists, or at least I know about it. And it's a lot of 15s. I’ve been assured of the quality of the number 15 so I’m looking forward to these new steps!