It's all "good."

On Thursday a big, whirring, LOUD, machine, in a cold room took brain pictures for me. My nuero-oncolgist wasn't working that day. We spoke over the phone Friday instead. He told me, after viewing the images, everything looked good. What did "good" mean? I was not sure. But the "good" news overwhelmed my curiosity and was enough to satiate my wondering wandering mind for the weekend.

Monday morning I spoke to a nurse in the office. He informed me, according to the report, there were no issues. That didn't say a lot about the state of what was there, just what wasn't. Nothing "bad." I will have a normally scheduled visit with my doctor on Monday, November 11. Then I will finally get to talk to him face to face and actually see the brain pictures. 

But here's the thing, Friday all I needed to know was that everything was "good." That was enough to ease my mind for the weekend. Metaphorically we all have "good" MRIs and also "bad" MRIs. It's a certainty that something "bad" will occur to everyone at some point. That's just an inherent part of being a person.


The certainty of "bad" meaning the certainty of unpleasantness and unpleasantness being one factor in the human condition. I'm human so I'm guaranteed at least some unpleasantness.

Right now I don't necessarily know what "good" means except that "good" is not "bad." In a few days I'll learn more about "good." Hopefully though, regardless of how "good" is further defined and poked and prodded and parsed I'll continue roughly the same as I did Friday when I only knew that it's "good."