A weekend walk for balance

Every cancer diagnosis involves two parts. There's the larger, MACRO, research into causes and treatments etc. Then there's also the personal, micro level, that involves how one particular person integrates that diagnosis, and the realities that diagnosis entails, into his or her specific life. We are not just charts and graphs, yet our individual lives are improved by better charts and graphs. It's a balance. The diagnosed person reflects the overlap of where those two circles of concern meet. Both those spheres require and demand attention to attain a balance.

Last year we participated in a run/walk sponsored by my hospital (https://www.wizathon.com/heroesofhoperace/index.php). It raised MACRO level funds for research the hospital specifically conducted.


Incredibly, despite the Cedar's team name and best efforts, we were unable to terminate all the tumors so they decided to have the annual event again. Unfortunately we were away when it took place this year so we couldn't lend a foot. But, fortunately, our misfortune was rectified when we discovered that another organization I frequent, one that concentrates more on micro level realities, the other side of the cancer coin, is hosting a run/walk of its own to raise funding (https://wespark.org/event/8th-annual-10k-5k-run-walk-kids-fun-run/). Since we will be present for this one, and it's conveniently right down the street, we're happy to provide some extra feet on the ground. (I forgot to mention that the event is also right next to the farmer's market we attend every Sunday. Seriously, brain cancer is just SO convenient!) If you feel inspired to lend your own feet you can come with us, if you're just inspired to help out weSpark you can do that too, or if you're just happy to know about it, now you know about it.



We went, we saw, we walked. There's photographic evidence!