Not RUSHing to judgement


“If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” So I guess that’s the “decision,” and therefore the “choice,” after my last MRI. Wait until the next MRI. The latest MRI showed that the tumor grew. It may have either just gotten bigger OR it may be inflamed from being attacked by my immune system. That’s ideally the way the drug, Imfinzi, operates - this tumor strongly genetically expresses a gene that Imfinzi often works well to negate thus making cancer cells suddenly appear to the immune system. (Imfinzi is like peeking a little when you’re “it” in “hide and seek” and Cancer went to hide upstairs which everyone else understood to be off limits.) So, after the latest MRI, the conclusion is, the drug is either working perfectly or not at all. As I was informed, its about a 50/50 chance that the larger size is just inflammation caused by the drug working. The next MRI will help decide. If the next MRI shows even more growth, the drug is probably not working. BUT, if the tumor shrinks, or even stays the same, then the drug probably caused the inflammation seen on this MRI and may work.

In about a month, mid November, I’ll have another MRI. While my last MRI was quick and short the next will be much longer. My next MRI will be with contrast which already means slightly longer. But I’m also having spectroscopy and perfusion tests which almost doubles the time needed. Those additional tests measure blood flow and metabolism. It simply means the Doctor receives more information. More information so that he, and therefore I, don’t RUSH to judgement. I’m not exactly sure when my next MRI will take place, probably at some point on November 15th (because it’s a Thursday). My next infusion, #6, will be on October 29th.