Out with the old, in with the... old.

My last MRI showed two dots on my cerebellum, just below where my tumor was. The spots may either be new tumor or necrosis (dead tissue from radiation, which isn’t completely likely but also fits). On May 24th I’ll have another MRI - one month earlier than planned. That MRI will have two extra tests that will help my doctor determine the make-up of the spots. One month will give the spots time to possibly grow or stay the same, and I already have a meeting with my doctor on May 30 (and the clinical trial I'm currently on consists of month long intervals). IF the spots are tumor tissue there’s the possibility of 6 months of low dose daily chemo, additional surgery, or new alternative drugs, or some combination of them. But, that will all get determined after the next MRI.


In some ways not a ton is different. I'm still waiting for MRI results to help inform a decision going forward. That, and the ability of MRIs to create an image of your brain is CRAZY. That hasn't changed either. In other ways a lot has changed. What has changed is what is being focused on. Changes, in and of themselves, are concerning. Also, this upcoming MRI is earlier by a month so that's different too. But, like they say, "the more things change the more they stay the same" (I don't know who "they" are but apparently whoever "they" are "they" like to say that). Hopefully "they" know what they're talking about and things continue to stay the same despite the changes.

Until the next MRI I plan to continue with "normal" activity more or less. Normal activity includes traveling in a couple weeks to Pennsylvania and hopefully some good coffees. With the new perspective that a reframe of the same old issues provides, what's old is new again!