Try to be here, some

The past few days my social media feeds were inundated with pictures of people at Notre Dame Cathedral. Way more people than I thought had been there. Often these pictures were accompanied by a nostalgic recap of what it was like or what it meant. Seeing this surprise outpouring led me to hope that while they took the pictures - or maybe just after - the people that took the pictures were able to take in the place. That the words that they wrote after the fire were present in their minds before the fire too. That’s my hope at least, PRESENCE.

Wednesday I met with my Doctor about my MRI the previous Thursday. Scheduling issues on both sides resulted in almost a week wait. That’s a long time but luckily I had some distractions. Some podcasts to catch up on, hanging out with friends, and the Game of Thrones premiere! They all helped reduce the increased scanxiety from the extra long wait.

Wednesday the doctor gave me the news that overall the MRI looked very positive. The tumor reduced in size some. We are on the right track. The only issue might be the shunt draining too much (so it got turned down because that’s possible!).

This is very good news. My usual response would be to move on immediately. Take no time to savor and enjoy - but i’m not here just to check off items on a list, I don’t just have a picture at Notre Dame. I have the experience, my experience. An experience that, depending on perspective, may or may not lead to better or worse but will always lead to something different.

My intent (especially right now since I feel alright) is to savor and enjoy a little. Take a moment, slow down, and breathe. More commas in life, To be a little more present. Not just checking an item off a list, not just taking a picture, but being there. Slowing down. Pausing. Breathing. Taking it all in, or as much as possible, because inevitably things will be different.