Wildcard Wednesday 4/20/16

I find lists tremendously helpful. They provide a mainline of information. While the article that contains them may be perused once or so, it’s always helpful to have a list to return to. I previously posted a link to a list of the “dirty dozen.” It provides a tally of the items that harbor the most pesticides to aid in your decision making process. Sure the wisdom or logic involved in anything is open to attack but that attack doesn’t subvert the shorthand value. Critiques of the list fail to appreciate that the list doesn’t always need to be perfect to be useful. Here’s an alternative list. It’s shorter. 

Organic = Yes. 

Non-organic = No. 

It’s a much cleaner, much healthier, much simpler organizer. Unfortunately that’s not very realistic. So, if you would like to play in the real world, here is an alternative. An update to the “dirty dozen.”


Taco Tuesday 4/12/16

Taco Tuesday 4/12/16

April 12, 2016 in Taco Tuesday

It’s somewhat idealistic to say “I eat only organic food.” Sure, it can be done but sometimes life requires some compromise. Unless you have an inexhaustible source of money and a direct line to Whole Foods and a Farmer’s Market it might even be close to impossible. I agree that the amount of pesticides in most food far exceeds what I would want (none) but that desire clashes with reality. Given the choice, I choose a middle ground. Get organic food when I can but understand that getting organic is not always possible or plausible and as someone who tries to be fairly practical, I have to understand that. Luckily this list exists to help know best where to concentrate and commit. It allows for somewhat safe traveling in spaces where those providing may not share the same concerns I do.